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Manual lessons: As a Beginner it’s sometimes confusing whether to choose Manual or Automatic. Most people will still choose to drive in a Manual Car as learning in a Manual car and passing on manual license gives you the freedom to drive both kinds of vehicles ( manual and automatic transmission). Our lessons are designed to ensure you become a safe and confident driver which result in passing the test as well as in real life situations.

Automatic Lessons: Automatic transmission gives you the freedom to drive without the need to change gears, there is definitely not much difference between manual and automatic apart from the fact that the car does the gear change from. Passing the test on an automatic car allows you to drive the automatic vehicle only and not MANUAL.
However it’s really useful if you are struggling with manual transmission and think that automatic will be ideal for you OR would like to drive a automatic car for few years and change to a manual license after few years. We look forward in having you as our pupil.
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