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Manual lessons: As a Beginner it’s sometimes confusing whether to choose Manual or Automatic. Most people will still choose to drive in a Manual Car as learning in a Manual car and passing on manual license gives you the freedom to drive both kinds of vehicles ( manual and automatic transmission). Our lessons are designed to ensure you become a safe and confident driver which result in passing the test as well as in real life situations. We look forward to have you as our next pupil.

Trial lesson: If you are not sure how many lessons you might need and would like an evaluation to workout the estimated amount of lessons OR Just a Trial session with our experienced instructor to see whether you and your instructor get along then choose this option.

Test Cover: Our Test cover is designed for pupils who are either stuck in a situation where their instructor can’t cover for various reasons OR for pupil who are looking to do a second immediate test as a result of a first one. ( Terms and conditions apply)

Pass plus: Now that you have passed recently or sometime ago but want to learn some new skills whether on motorway, high speed dual carriageways, country roads or even general driving skills around town, why not take advantage of this course which is highly recommended by DVSA and as a added bonus get discount on your First Comprehensive Insurance policy from participating insurers.

Motorway: Motorways can be one of the most daunting prospects for new drivers and we offer first class tuition in safe and sensible motorway driving. Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, we can help you to successfully tackle motorway driving.

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