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Jay Patel

I am a Fully Qualified DVSA approved Driving Instructor along with Fleet Qualification About Us

I also have years of experience in driving different vehicles including 18 ton PCV vehicles which enhances my ability to understand and deliver the knowledge about dealing with different types of vulnerable vehicles and every other road users.

In my recent Standards Check by DVSA I acquired the Grade ‘ A’. Along with a lot of FIRST ATTEMPT ZERO FAULTS, I have achieved a lot of First Attempt passes with minimum minor driving faults for my pupils with a Pass Rate of at least 80 percent.

My work is my worship and passion, hence my pupils are not just getting ready to pass the test but also are getting ready to tackle any unusual obstacles and real life driving skills without compromising law, rules, Highway Code and above all safety of themselves and every other road users.
I like to adapt my coaching and teaching techniques as per my pupils requirements and needs, thus I also use iPad, Traditional Diagrams, videos and also live camera to enhance the learning platform to the highest standards.

I make sure that my customer service is of utmost satisfaction and try and accommodate my pupils to their availability.

I look forward to having you as my pupil.



About Us

Khyam Mahmood

I am a fully Qualified DVSA Approved Instructor. My Transition from a Postmaster at Postoffice to being a ADI has been great.

I am Patient, Friendly and Approachable ensuring a light hearted and relaxed atmosphere in my car. I love my job and am sure this reflects in my lesson. I am trained in the upmost up to date teaching and coaching techniques along with using iPad as my technology tool. I don’t just give high quality of tuition but will also tell you into becoming a thinking driver who will be much safer on the roads after your pass.

I look forward in giving you, your first lesson.


About Us